How Lenders Benefit

You are the backbone of our platform and we know it. We want to present you with the best borrowers our advisors can find. We know the lending landscape is competitive. You’ll benefit from joining the platform in many ways:

Untapped lead source: Unlike other internet websites, we provide you with fresh leads from professionals who have working relationships with business owners.

See what you want to see: You have control over the criteria for every loan type ensuring you only see questionnaires which match your specific criteria.

Instant notification: When a questionnaire matches your criteria you’re immediately notified.

Hot leads: You are presented with borrowers who are seeking funding at the moment they enter the questionnaire. No more buying leads and cold calling. We tell you the name and company of the advisor so you can reference them when the borrower picks up the phone.

Multiple vetting of questionnaire: Our Proprietary P.A.L.M.S™ system vets questionnaires by your criteria. You vet the questionnaire prior deciding to access the contact information.

Limited number of competitors: Only 3 lenders and one broker access the contact information so there are minimal competitors.

Free access to questionnaires: No fees to access the platform or see answers on questionnaires matching your criteria.

If you are a lender interested in accessing the Connect Lending platform, you can apply here. All Lender applicants will be contacted within 48 hours and vetted by Connect Lending's, Director of Lender Relations to ensure a good fit with our company. We look forward to talking with you soon.