How Borrowers Benefit

You work hard every day to make your business better. Sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet or get to the next level. It’s frustrating to go to your local lending establishment and be declined because everything isn’t perfect. We understand what you’re going through, that’s why Connect Lending was created, to connect you to the lender that fits your needs. You will benefit from our platform:

Access for free: There is no subscription or application fee.

Personal attention: Because you will be working with someone you have a professional relationship who introduces you to the platform, you won’t be entering an application and just clicking submit. Our advisors want to work with you side by side ensuring everything is done the right way.

Access to alternative funding resources: It’s hard to get funding from traditional sources. We give you access to alternative lenders with several options.

You have complete control: You have the final say from start to finish. You pick which lender to work with when they reach out to you. You can pick one or all of them. When offers come to you, you choose the one you are most comfortable with.

If you are a business owner/borrower who needs a loan, you can register for the service here. We look forward to serving you.