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Let’s work to create a uniform FinTech vocabulary…

Share on Social Media: Has this week signaled the beginning of something predicted as 2016 began? I’ve read numerous articles predicting the next “Great Recession” or the next new economy… […]


Evaluating the Spectrum of Business Funding Options

Share on Social Media: How do lenders determine which type of funding options you qualify for? As the criteria used to evaluate a business varies widely for a given financial […]


Response to US Treasury RFI on Marketplace Lending

Share on Social Media: Response to the US Treasury Request for “Public Input on Expanding Access to Credit Through Online Marketplace Lending” Beginning July 20th, the US Treasury Department posted […]


Helping your clients get access to capital

Share on Social Media:   America is built upon our entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit is what drives our great country to innovate and endure adversity in challenging the ways businesses […]